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We have intrinsic belief and trust in the brilliance of bodies to give birth. We are there to provide comfort measures, nourishment. and an open ear to hear what is needed need to move through the labor. 

The birth is attended by two midwives, Madrona Wienges CPM and another CPM. 


The midwives arrive at the house with all the supportive and clinical supplies necessary to provide care for natural birth at home. We are there to support the unfolding of labor in a dynamic and respectful manner. A birth is a story that has yet to be told, and we are there to honor that unfolding while providing support, encouragement, and hands-on skills as needed. 

There are many ways to give birth. Labor and birth are a personal process of discovery, often of capacities one did not even know they had. We strive to honor the rhythm that feels right to each person, and support them to find the dance of moving freely, resting, staying nourished, hydrated, interacting with loved ones, and/or going within to find that quiet individual strength and direction.

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“Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through birth.”

— Marcie Macari


Hydro therapy is a wonderful comfort measure for the home based birth. Birth pools are available for rent if requested, and delivered to the home at a birth team visit.



If there is a medical emergency

If there is a medical need emerges requiring a transition of care to the hospital, Madrona can continue to communicate and assist with the transition or accompany the client to the hospital.


We have protocols in place to share client charts and history promptly, and maintain positive relationships with care providers at the facilities.


Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 regulations in the hospital setting, it is typical that only one support person is admitted with the birthing parent.


These regulations are different for each hospital, and changing frequently. Rose & Oak continues to stay abreast of the changes.




Choosing a midwife is a personal and meaningful process. I welcome you to take time to discuss your questions and learn more about what makes  midwifery care so unique. In a complimentary one hour interview we can dive into your particular needs, and explore whether Rose & Oak is a good fit for you.

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