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Rose & Oak’s services span the continuum of care including:  

well body, prenatal, home birth, postpartum and newborn care into the fourth trimester. 

Our philosophy embraces midwifery care as a foundational relationship based practice in which the individual needs and autonomy are honored and respected within the midwifery model of care. This philosophy honors the social, emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical experience of each individual. 



I came to Midwifery when I was newly pregnant as a young woman in the small rural community of the  Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia. I was anxious about the steep learning curve of pregnancy,  childbirth and motherhood, and skeptical of medicalized birth.  An introduction to a third generation midwife radically transformed my perceptions of birth and the journey before me.

My prenatal care with her, opened the door to many time honored themes around birth and  transitioning to motherhood. She trusted my process, and encouraged me to tend my body, mind and soul  as I moved through the trimesters of pregnancy in preparation for motherhood and birth at home. As  many women experience, those that influence us during these momentous and pivotal transitions in life  make an enduring impact. She introduced me to the traditional art of community based supportive care,  which included continuity of care and informed decision making. 

I began to be asked by my community to attend their births as a support person. These first few years of  attending births taught me so much about the unique and deeply personal journey each person and  family makes welcoming their children into the world.  

The spark of midwifery had been lit, and like many midwives, I responded to the calling and continued to  study everything I could about assisting and supporting people through the childbirth cycle. This led to  study of nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, yoga, meditation, and holistic medicine. I attended the  Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine in Asheville, North Carolina, and studied through correspondence with Jeannine Parvati Baker, a traditional midwife.  

During my studies I became acutely aware of the tremendous gaps in modern health care for the  emotional, spiritual, and physical support for pregnant people. I understood that the midwifery model of  care, with its inclusion of care continuity throughout the arc of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum was not always an option.


I continued my studies through an apprenticeship as a holistic doula  with Diane Bartlett (Whappio) and began to bridge hospital-based care with the complimentary role of doula.  

I attended many births over the years with families in home and hospital environments. I attribute much of  my understanding of the childbearing cycle to witnessing women in their primal power when they felt safe  and supported. I also witnessed the requests and convictions within families help shift the birth and child  culture within the community over time. 

I studied steadily as I raised my own four sons, each born at home with the nurturing care of midwives.  My children are indeed some of my greatest teachers. 

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I attended Birthwise Midwifery School for 4 years in Western Maine, A MEAC accredited direct entry  Midwifery program. This program offered the perfect balance between academics and skills training  through both on-campus education and the essential art of apprenticeship. I am very inspired by the midwives that I observed, and worked along side as I completed the hands-on training component. The families that welcomed me into their birthing space taught me immeasurable lessons. 


I opened Rose & Oak Midwifery in 2020, and offer continuity of care in my community as an option for low risk clients. I am certified by the North American Registry of Midwives, and licensed by the State of Maine.  I work with an amazing group of Midwives throughout the state, and continue to learn and implement  evidence-based practice while honoring the traditional art of midwifery. 


  • 1999 Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine Asheville NC, Holistic Herbalist 1999 Hygeia School of Midwifery studies with Jeannie Parvati Baker  

  • 2006 La Matrona : Apprenticeship & Doula certification 

  • 2005 DONA International Certified Doula 

  • 2010-2011 Lifeways : Home based Waldorf Early childhood Education 

  • 2015 - 2019 Birthwise Midwifery School, Grad of 2019 

  • 2020 Current NRP 

  • 2020 Current BLS

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Choosing a midwife is a personal and meaningful process.
I welcome you to take time to discuss your questions and learn more about what makes midwifery care so unique. In a complimentary one hour interview we can dive into your particular needs, and explore whether Rose & Oak is a good fit for you.

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